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Welcome to Ayon PharmaChem

Ayon PharmaChem is a one stop solution for API, chemicals and Intermediate procurement services. We bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers’ by giving a complete solution for procurement.

Our strategic principles for good Pharmaceutical/chemical procurement include:

  • Procure the most cost effective drugs/intermediates in the right quantities
  • Select reliable suppliers for high quality products
  • Ensure timely delivery
  • Achieve the best possible total cost.

Operational Principles for Good Pharmaceutical/Chemical Procurement.

  • Efficient and Transparent management
  • Drug/chemical selection and Qualification
  • Financing and Competition
  • Supplier Selection and Quality Assurance.

Our expertise includes having innate knowledge about Quality Assurance/Control Procedures, Vendor Qualification Program, Standard Operating Procedures in API manufacturing and Good Manufacturing Practices (Schedule M) for API Manufacturing.

We stand apart from the crowd by offering services on the lines of Good Distribution and Trading Practices.

Our understanding of the term sourcing goes much deeper than the rest. We are technically qualified to help you certify the plants capability to supply you quality products, We have the machinery to evaluate whether the plants can supply you the API’s within the given timeframe and we are commercially street smart to understand the best price to be derived to achieve a profitable deal on both the ends.

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